The Lang Watson Foundation is proud to annouce our first publication!

“The Soul of Our Family” is now available on Amazon, Walmart, and Barnes & Noble.

The Lang Watson family and foundation are committed to service and carrying out the legacy of their ancestors. Thank you to the contributing authors for their tireless work to make this publication possible. We would also like to thank the Publish Authority who assisted in our vision and published “The Soul of Our Family”, a book of prayers, praises, and poems. This book includes words of blessings, meditations, and affirmations. Accepting prayer is essential to daily life for individuals and families. Prayer helps individuals and communities move beyond themselves because God is the highest source of wisdom, direction, knowledge, strength, and understanding.

We are honored to share this book with family, friends, neighbors, the Christian community, as well as spiritually-minded people throughout the world. This book introduces prayer to those who do not know the power of prayer and meditation and seeks to help them strengthen their relationship with family and God. This project will serve as an instrument to strengthen families and spiritual ties. The “Soul of Our Family” was created to strengthen generations and inspire them to develop a personal relationship with God, spirituality, and family.

Legacy Project Committee

Mona Barnes, Co-Chair

Claude Lang, Co-Chair

Leora Lockett, BOD

Curtis Pounds, Member

  • "This is awesome, I am so proud to be part of this!" Claude Lang, CA